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Our learners come from various countries, and thanks to technology have all the course lessons translated into their native language.
We stand out of competition by our innovative approach, the content quality of our course, its cost effectiveness and the rapid results it brings.
“English Pitch is the super fast way to learn a foreign language. No boring textbooks, no confusing classes with tutors. Flexible online learning through an innovative method.”
Peter Gruber
Head of Business Strategy at IMHC GMbH

Online learning how it works

Online Platform
Our online platform with author created mini-films and video-trainings  allows to improve all language skills fast and easy. Our learners can study from anywhere anytime at their own pace, with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Innovative Approach
We put special emphasis on special techniques which boost overall language proficiency. Memory Practice, which stimulates brain mechanisms, and Pitches, oral presentations made by learners. This is the best way to boost speaking. This method has proved itself efficient and superior to other techniques.
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Teacher control
Each learner has a dedicated teacher, who makes sure they progress fast. Individual speaking sessions, as well as weekly control and feedback given by the teacher allows for a personalised approach to learning.
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14.789 learners from
7 continents worldwide

“I took the English online course and it is really amazing! I recommend it to everyone who wants to advance in no time and improve their English skills. The short movies were really interesting to watch. I did my best to prepare for the speaking trainings, and the teacher's feedback helped me a lot . Thank you! It's an awesome course!” - Nik, Spain
280% progress in speaking
“English Pitch is a perfect self-paced course of study and it is really worth the money you spend. You are really able to improve all language skills within a short period of time. Individual chats with the teacher each week are very motivating. My goal is to become as fluent as possible in English, and this course helps me to get better and better. Thank you to my teacher for encouraging me to make rapid progress.” - Anna, USA
200% increase in all language skills
“Before I started the English Pitch courseI had experience with other platforms and they didn't bring any results. With this course I really boosted my English . The course is highly structured, which I see as the greatest advantage. I had a great experience taking this course and highly recommend it to everyone. Many thanks!” - Pauline, Italy
250% improvement of 4 language skills
“I am very grateful for this opportunity to study online. My English has moved to a new level and I began speaking with native speakers in just 3 months. This is a very helpful platform which ideal for self-study under the teacher guidance. Also, a big advantage is I that everything is translated into my native language, so I don't have to use a dictionary. Thank you a lot!” - Alex, Germany
280% improvement of speaking
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