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Reasons to choose us

VIP teachers and an innovative methodology

Flexible learning

Learners can follow their individual pace of study - intensive or relaxed. They study on the online platform with engaging mini-films and video trainings, developing their vocabulary and grammar knowledge, and then practicing speaking skills.

Innovative techniques

We use our innovative Method Pitch™ based on Pitching and Memory Trainings which stimulate neural mechanisms in the brain and make for natural memorisation of new words and phrases. They will be then automatically reproduced in the speech. Language acquisition is easy and natural.

Expert teachers

Our teachers are experts with Master's and Doctor's degrees and more than 25 years of teaching experience who have perfected English language teaching. Each learner has an assigned teacher to increase motivation and ensure fast progress.

Speaking practice

90% of study time is devoted to speaking practice. Speaking skills are trained during 25-minute individual speaking lessons with the teacher. Also, speaking is further practiced through regular Pitches - oral presentations which are done and recorded on the platform for the teacher feedback.

English Pitch™

English Pitch™ films
Learn by watching short films, author created captivating video stories
Memory and Speaking Trainings
Special video trainings make learning new phrases easy. Pitches - oral presentations maximize the speaking ability and enhance language fluency
Individual lessons
Learning under the guidance of an expert teacher who identifies your needs will help you achieve your goals fast
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How it works

Study on the online-platform 24/7: Stay flexible learning on the online platform at your own pace, doing various types of trainings to develop all 4 language skills.
Easy Memorising technique: Repeating phrases while watching exciting mini-films stimulates brain mechanisms controlling memory. Thus, you will learn the language naturally and effortlessly and make fast progress in your overall language proficiency.
Speaking Training - Pitches: Regular Pitches - oral presentations recorded on the platform for the teacher's feedback will help you speak with confidence.
Individual classes: One-to-one 25 minute speaking lessons with the experienced teacher will improve your English and help you speak fluently.

Our programmes

English Pitch™
with individual 1-to-1 classes

English Pitch gives you the best: the ability to study at your own pace and individual 1:1 lessons with full support and motivation of a qualified teacher.

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English Pitch™
E-learning with the teacher control

With 24/7 access to your learning, you choose how fast you want to go. The teacher's guidance will guarantee your progress.

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English Pitch™
Language training for your staff

Our online course is designed to help your staff learn the skills they need for real life, including communication at work.

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can learn English

Our learners are both adults and young people, businessmen and professionals, students and high schoolers, those who want to learn or improve the English language skills.
They come from various countries and continents, and thanks to digital technology have all the lessons contents translated into their native language.

14.789 learners from
7 continents worldwide

“I took the English online course and it is really amazing! I recommend it to everyone who wants to advance in no time and improve their English skills. The short movies were really interesting to watch. I did my best to prepare for the speaking trainings, and the teacher's feedback helped me a lot . Thank you! It's an awesome course!” - Nik, Spain
280% progress in speaking
“English Pitch is a perfect self-paced course of study and it is really worth the money you spend. You are really able to improve all language skills within a short period of time. Individual chats with the teacher each week are very motivating. My goal is to become as fluent as possible in English, and this course helps me to get better and better. Thank you to my teacher for encouraging me to make rapid progress.” - Anna, USA
200% increase in all language skills
“Before I started the English Pitch courseI had experience with other platforms and they didn't bring any results. With this course I really boosted my English . The course is highly structured, which I see as the greatest advantage. I had a great experience taking this course and highly recommend it to everyone. Many thanks!” - Pauline, Italy
250% improvement of 4 language skills
“I am very grateful for this opportunity to study online. My English has moved to a new level and I began speaking with native speakers in just 3 months. This is a very helpful platform which ideal for self-study under the teacher guidance. Also, a big advantage is I that everything is translated into my native language, so I don't have to use a dictionary. Thank you a lot!” - Alex, Germany
280% improvement of speaking

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Frequently asked questions

What levels of study do you offer?

We offer 5 levels: from Beginner to Advanced, from A1 to C1: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level requires the completion of 16 Modules.

What is the course language? What if the learner doesn't understand English at all?

The learning takes place in English. But there is a clever automatic translation into all languages on the platform, so the lessons contents are translated into the learner's native language. This is very convenient, as there is no need to use a dictionary.
Moreover, some of our teachers can speak other languages and can help Elementary level learners with explanations, if necessary.

What is the advantage of your method?

Firstly, our teachers are University professors with Doctor's and Master's degrees and more than 20 years of ESL teaching experience.
Secondly, the techniques and methods that we use allow to stimulate brain memory mechanism and acquire the language in the shortest time possible. 90% of study time, both trainings on the platform and the individual classes with the teacher, is devoted to developing speaking skills.
Thirdly, learning takes place in micro-portions, the learner immerses into the language and therefore makes faster progress.
Finally, we offer you great flexibility, and you can study at your own pace. You can make your studies more intensive or prolong them for free.

Do you issue the Certificate of completion after each level?

Yes, we give the Certificate of completion after the learner has finished a level, which means completing 16 Modules. To qualify for a Certificate the learner must complete minimum 70% of all the tasks and assignments.

How much time a week does a learner need to allocate for studies?

Individual classes take place once or twice a week depending on the package (Basic or PRO). Each learner can study at an individual pace. It can be 20 minutes a days during the week or just 1,5 hours once a week. The studies can be either intensive or relaxed. It depends on the individual needs.

Is your English Course a good choice for those preparing for IELTS or Cambridge exams?

There are so many students preparing for IELTS and Cambridge exams among our learners that we can surely recommend it. Our course is an ideal solution for those who need to improve their English skills fast. The course is designed to effectively develop all the 4 language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, needed to pass IELTS and other international English language exams.

Is your English Course a good choice for business people?

Most of our learners are business people and professionals who need to improve English speaking skills and boost their ability to communicate in English to business partners, clients and colleagues. Our course is an ideal solution for those who need to improve their English skills fast and speak English fluently.

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