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8 individual 1-to-1 Speaking lessons, 25 minutes each
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16 Memory Trainings through exciting educational mini-films and videos
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Frequently asked questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made via PayPal or credit/debit cards Mastercard, VISA, Maestro. Contact us and we will recommend the best payment option for you, depending on your country of residence.

What happens after I have made the payment?

You will receive an access code to your email immediately or within 2-3 hours after making the payment (depending on your time zone and the time of the purchase) . You will then be able to start learning on the online platform.

What if the learner doesn't manage to complete the course in 6 or 8 weeks?

It usually takes maximum 6 or 8 weeks to complete 8 Modules, but if the learner doesn't manage to complete all the tasks, we offer free prolongation of studies for extra 2 weeks. So the learner can do the tasks and have individual classes later when he/she is ready.. Learners have great flexibility and can make their studies intensive or relaxed.

What levels of English do you offer?

We offer 5 levels: from Beginner to Advanced, from 0 to C1: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level requires the completion of 16 Modules.

What is the course language? What if the learner doesn't understand English at all?

The learning takes place in English. But there is a clever automatic translation into all languages on the platform, so the lessons contents are translated into the learner's native language. This is very convenient, as there is no need to use a dictionary.
Moreover, some of our teachers can speak other languages and can help Elementary level learners with explanations, if necessary.

What is the advantage of your method?

Firstly, our teachers are University professors with Doctor's and Master's degrees and more than 20 years of ESL teaching experience.
Secondly, the techniques and methods that we use allow to stimulate brain memory mechanism and acquire the language in the shortest time possible. 90% of study time, both trainings on the platform and the individual classes with the teacher, is devoted to developing speaking skills.
Thirdly, learning takes place in micro-portions, the learner immerses into the language and therefore makes faster progress.
Finally, you get the whole level, not classes, and you can study at your own pace. You can make your studies more intensive or relaxed.

Do you issue the Certificate of completion after each level?

Yes, we give the Certificate of completion after the learner has finished a level, which means completing 16 Modules. To qualify for a Certificate the learner must complete minimum 70% of all the tasks and assignments.

How much time a week does a learner need to allocate for studies?

Individual classes with the teacher take place once or twice a week depending on the package (Basic or PRO). Each learner can study at an individual pace. It can be 20 minutes a days during the week or just 1,5 hours once a week. The studies can be either intensive or relaxed. It depends on the individual needs.

Is your English Course a good choice for those preparing for IELTS or Cambridge exams?

There are so many students preparing for IELTS and Cambridge exams among our learners that we can surely recommend it. Our course is an ideal solution for those who need to improve their English skills fast. The course is designed to effectively develop all the 4 language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, needed to pass IELTS and other international English language exams.

Is your English Course a good choice for business people?

Most of our learners are business people and professionals who need to improve English speaking skills and boost their ability to communicate in English to business partners, clients and colleagues. Our course is an ideal solution for those who need to improve their English skills fast and speak English fluently.

What learners say

more than 17k learners from 50 countries

My aim was to improve English as fast as possible. In two months I moved up from B1 to B2. The teachers here are very professional and helped me to make rapid progress!


I really liked trainings on the platform - catching films and the practice of easy learning of new words and phrases. All the time was devoted to speaking practice. I also liked the fact that the teacher always controls and motivates.


Many thanks to my teacher Katrin, a highly qualified mentor who helped me overcome speaking barrier. I now speak with much confidence. And the learning process was really exciting.


I am so glad that I have chosen this course! I have already finished two levels - В2 and С1 and speak English fluently, and understand native speakers. The method is very effective. With useful techniques of memorising new words and training oral speech, it allows to boost English fast.


I was disappointed with other courses and started this course following my friend's recommendation. I really like the course and the teacher who does her best to ensure I move up each week and improve my speaking. After just a month I see the result!


English Pitch offers a really interesting learning without boring textbooks and grammar exercises. I like the fact that a lot of attention is paid to speaking. My speaking is much more confident now., thanks to regular Pitches and individual speaking lessons.


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