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Expert Teachers

Highly qualified English language teacher, linguist, and polyglot, speaking 6 languages, ESL lecturer with more than 25 years of teaching experience, who has taught students at many Universities, including the University of Salzburg (Austria). Author of 7 textbooks for English as a Second Language learners.
Has extensive experience in preparing many generations of students for IELTS and Cambridge exams.
We are proud of our teachers - professional linguists with Doctors and Master's degrees and more than 20 years of ESL teaching experience in best Universities and language schools.

Course content

We guarantee fast progress and improvement of all language skills necessary to get the highest score.

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Learning material

Learning follows the personalised study program which the teacher prepares for each learner.
The learners don't have to buy textbooks or any other learning material, all material is provided.

Study program

The teacher prepares a personalised study program, taking into account the learner's needs, aims, ability, and pace of study.
The aim is to get the highest score at IELTS exam and to develop all 4 language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as increasing vocabulary and broadening knowledge of grammar.

Learning format

Learning takes place online with regular individual one-to-one classes. Weekly studies include developing all the necessary language skills, broadening knowledge of grammar and increasing vocabulary, as well as test training.

Learner's progress

Each week the teacher controls the learner's work, identifies problem areas and gives recommendation to help improve English skills. Moreover, the teacher gives personalised tasks to help work on mistakes and develop fluency.
So the careful fulfilment of all the trainings and tasks, and quality work on eliminating all mistakes, guarantees the best result.

The teaching language

The teaching language is English. Communication with your teacher is in English. However, we have teachers who speak other languages and can provide such a teacher on request.

Request info

Leave your request and we will give you the best teacher. The teacher will contact you via email to offer the best study program for your needs.

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14.789 learners from
7 continents worldwide

“I took the English online course and it is really amazing! I recommend it to everyone who wants to advance in no time and improve their English skills. The short movies were really interesting to watch. I did my best to prepare for the speaking trainings, and the teacher's feedback helped me a lot . Thank you! It's an awesome course!” - Nik, Spain
280% progress in speaking
“English Pitch is a perfect course of study and it is really worth the money you spend. You are really able to improve all language skills within a short period of time. Individual lessons with the teacher each week are very motivating. My goal is to become as fluent as possible in English, and this course helps me to get better and better. Thank you to my teacher for encouraging me to make rapid progress.” - Anna, USA
200% increase in all language skills
“Before I started the English Pitch courseI had experience with other platforms and they didn't bring any results. With this course I really boosted my English . The course is highly structured, which I see as the greatest advantage. I had a great experience taking this course and highly recommend it to everyone. Many thanks!” - Pauline, Italy
250% improvement of 4 language skills
“I am very grateful for this opportunity to study online. My English has moved to a new level and I began speaking with native speakers in just 3 months. This is a very helpful platform which ideal for self-study under the teacher guidance. Also, a big advantage is I that everything is translated into my native language, so I don't have to use a dictionary. Thank you a lot!” - Alex, Germany
280% improvement of speaking

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